About Racinghub.Net

About Racinghub.Net

Hello, my name is Tony Albit and I'm glad to see you here. I'll try to explain what Racinghub.Net is and everything about it. This site is my personal project and it's about Motorsport. I've created it because I love auto racing as long as I can remember.


This site isn't my first project about auto racing. First one was started by me in 1999 and was called F-One : World of Formula-1. It was successful, in 2002 it was member of Top 3 autosport sites in Russia. I've sold that website in late 2004, but it's still working under my friend's guidance and my little help.


So, you see, I know the field and definetely know what is missing. From my point of view, today we don't have nothing near auto and moto sport community . Different Facebook and other social networking groups? Maybe! But in general, there is nothing worthy, really.


That's why I call Racinghub.Net - The Motorsport Community. This is not only the biggest interactive database about Formula One, NASCAR Sprint Cup, IndyCar Racing, ChampCar and Moto Grand Prix. It's also a place for any fan, who care to share. With Racinghub.Net project I'm aiming to fill the missing gap in the Internet.


This website was created with help of Deridex Studio, my own Vancouver web development company. In fact I'm using webstudio's server to host it, but overall, Racinghub.Net is absolutely my personal creation. Because of the fact, that I'm doing it alone, developing process is a bit slow. I have my own responsibilities and job in deridex.ca, family, etc and right now the website is in the gamma stage.


What does gamma means? It means that all general sections and preliminary programming is already done. I have fully functional interactive database. In gamma I've removed mandatory registration, now it's an option along with possibility to Sign In whith your favorite social network or Open ID account (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on). In gamma all database functionality was attached to tags and objects — once you add appropriate tag to a photo, news article, result, video or any other object on the website, it'll be there forever. Using this tag in the future, all the information can be easily found.


Right now, I'm building interface of Racinghub.Net, because in beta it was a bit messy. Well, nothing to shame of, of course, in beta my goal was to "put everything here and watch what's happen". Today, I have understanding where to go further.


I'm not trying to advertise this site yet. Audience is not the goal today. This will happens only after final pre-release testing of Racinghub.Net. Personally, I don't have any ETA, but I'm trying to do my best and hope it'll be soon.


Have any questions, thoughts or maybe you want to support this project anyhow? Feel free to contact me using this contact form or personally with Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/anthony.albit) or Twitter  (http://twitter.com/TonyAlbit). Any help will be appreciated.

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