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About of the Game

All you have to do is place your bets on drivers for upcoming races. Since we have five different motorsports series covered, we've separated our game into five different Leagues: Formula One, Formula E, NASCAR, IndyCar and MotoGP. In addition to that, we have a Global League, which summarizes all the Leagues results into one big championship of users.


Game Rules

Rules are very simple and applied for all Leagues in the Bookie Game. You have to choose four drivers for each race: Qualifying position and three drivers who will take action in the following Race. If you are lucky enough and your guess was correct, you can earn up to 100 points per race, meaning that every bet gives you 25 points if it's placed right. In case you missed the position, but was close enough, you still be rewarded with points, but less. While you are placing bets it is not necessary to pick winners -- all you have to do is choose a correct place.


Points in Game

Your Bet Wins: 25 points

You Missed 1 Place: 12 points

You Missed 2 Places: 6 points

You Missed 3 Places: 2 points



In the table below user placed a bet and was able to guess that Nelson Piquet will finish at fourth place in the Race. In cases with other drivers user missed a bit, but was lucky enough to guess close to the real results so in all cases user got reduced points.


Bet Type Driver Bet Position Points

Qualifying Position

Three Position Mismatch

Alain Prost 2 5 2

Race Position 1

Two Position Mismatch

Keke Rosberg 15 13 6

Race Position 2

One Position Mismatch

Jean Alesi 7 6 12

Race Position 3

Actual Position Bet Won

Nelson Piquet 4 4 25
Total Score 45


All Bets Are Off

Bookie Game stops to receive any new bets prior each Qualification. Exaxt time when all bets are off is set by administration and depends on Qualification dates and formats for cases such as Indianapolis 500. For Double-Race Weekends and Races without Qualifications or with Starting Positions based on previous Race results bets for Qualifying are not included in calculations, so the points gained for qualifications are equal to zero.



In addition to the prize draw, all users participating in Bookie Game, gain the same amounts of website reputation as they gain score in Game. Reputation is used for different Contests, user rights and for additional levels of activities on the website.


Prize Draw

Prizes are appointed to each Game League and to Global League by the website administration manually each year. In special cases there could be a prize draw held for a speicific race.



All prizes provided for a draw are choosen by website administration, sponsors or supporters. Please remember - sometimes this game could only be "just for fun". Sometimes it could give you something significant. You never know. All we have to say here is that we are trying to make the process of playing and being a motorsports fan as fun as possible for our visitors and not annoying easy going for our sponsors and advertisers.

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