Monza and Imola could share Italian GP

Monza and Imola could share Italian GP

Bernie Ecclestone is mulling over a proposal to alternate the Italian Grand Prix between Imola and Monza to ensure the fabled race remains on the Formula 1 calendar.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 (5:24 pm)
Ecclestone has held talks with representatives from both circuits over the past few weeks in the hope of saving the race.

Monza officials met with Ecclestone in Monaco, yet no viable plan was seemingly conceived to extend its contract beyond its expiry after next year’s race.

Bosses from Imola, a circuit that last hosted F1 in 2006, spoke with Ecclestone on Monday and have suggested that as with Hockenheim and the Nurburgring in Germany in recent years, a possible rotation system with Monza.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Ecclestone said: “Imola proposes an alternation with Monza. It can be done.

“I want Italy to stay on the F1 calendar at all costs, but while Imola has contacted me, I haven’t heard anything from Monza for a month.”

Ecclestone would appear to be losing patience with Monza, adding: “There is a will to save the Italian GP, but the money is lacking.

“The people I’ve spoken with haven’t even asked me for some time in order to decide. We just left each other like that, hanging.

“It’s useless to keep on talking. In order to have a grand prix, you need money. If the money is there, the race takes place.”

Ecclestone has indicated he would love to see the return of Imola, expressing an emotional point of view rarely seen from the 84-year-oold.

“How can I forget the town’s participation, the joy on the faces of the tifosi, the enjoyment tied to that venue? Imola has kept a place in my heart,” said Ecclestone.

“Imola was a nice experience that could live again, once Monza’s contract expires at the end of 2016.

“Enzo Ferrari suggested to me the race there, just a stroll from Bologna. He cared for it very much.

“It’s nice to talk about it again now, we have the good intentions, and the basis too.”

Ecclestone, meanwhile, has seemingly ruled out another of Italy’s circuits in Mugello, adding: “We return to the money problem.

“It’s a shame, because Mugello is a fine circuit.”


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