Busch to undergo more surgery

Busch to undergo more surgery

Ahead of tonight's NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards that will officially crown him as 2015 champion, Kyle Busch acknowledged that he will have to go back under the knife later this month for additional surgery to repair lingering damage from the heavy crash he suffered at Daytona in February that nearly ended his title run before it started.

Friday, December 04, 2015 (7:52 pm)
The latest surgery will include removing the plate, screws and rod that were placed in his right leg and left foot after his crash in the season-opening Xfinity Series race, which sidelined him for the first 11 Sprint Cup events.

"I'm ecstatic for the opportunity to be cut open and have blood and guts all over the place again this offseason,'' Busch joked at a press conference Thursday in Las Vegas. "No, but I am looking forward to the surgery. I'm looking forward to getting everything out and being able to go through the rehab to try to get back to somewhat normal and being able to not have pain every day and take the medication I have to take every day and all that.''

Busch said he wasn't sure how much recovery time the additional surgery will require.

"When I get the foot surgery done, I haven't heard exactly how long I'm supposed to be off of that, but the doctor made it seem as if once the plates and screws come out, I'll be able to walk on it right away. It'll be to rehab to make sure that all the joints that have been immobilized for the last nine months, we get them kind of woken back up in a smooth fashion and break it in, let's say.

"I'm going to be down for probably about four weeks with the leg. Just having to re-go through the knee and to cut the knee open again in order to pull the rod out, that's going to be the most traumatic part, and just having that have to heal and go back together and let the muscle get back together, and of course the tendon, as well, too."


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